Newborn Services

Before Birth

Our commitment to continuity or "continuous care from birth throughout your child's life" starts before your baby arrives. We offer 1-2 "baby basics" classes monthly, to help educate you before the big day & ensure that you feel prepared. The classes are an hour long and free to attend. If you are interested, click the link below to send us over some basic information & we'll help you get into the right class.

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At Birth

Rather than having a hospitalist or staff nurse practitioner see your baby in the hospital, we see them personally. We find that this is best practice for both baby AND for you, as we are able to closely track any issues encountered in the hospital and personalize follow-up plans that fit your needs best. Breastfeeding issues? We've got you covered. Jaundice levels needs following? We can do that with our equipment in the office. We find that on average, our discharge times are much closer to 24 hours of life because of this. This means your family can go home in a timely manner rather than being stuck in the hospital tracking things that we as a practice can easily do in the outpatient setting.

After Birth

Our LPN, certified lactation counselor, & experienced breastfeeding mom Danielle McDaniel is available after discharge to make sure that you have a great breastfeeding experience- if you choose to do so. She is available for 1 on 1 consults in the office, free of charge, during your initial follow-up visits with us. Want to chat with Danielle before your baby comes, and establish some goals, discuss breastfeeding in general, or learn more about our lactation services?

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