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We believe strongly in true "continuity of care," as your child will be seen by Dr. Vernon or Lauren Leatherland on a consistent basis, every time you visit the office. No surprises!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, pediatrics was simply this: Your pediatrician seeing you in the hospital with the birth of your newborn, then regularly throughout childhood, helping them to grow into happy/healthy young adults.

Oftentimes today, this is simply not the case. Pediatrics has become a land of empires where the motto is often "bigger means better" for the medical home. However, continuity is lost in that landscape. You may meet a different doctor or provider each time you visit the clinic, and speak to someone that you've never met in the middle of the night when your child is sick. Convenience also takes a backseat. Scheduling is a nightmare. The office phone lines are constantly busy. Mountains of paperwork await you at each visit.

It is our mission to change that experience. We believe in continuity of care. We also believe that top-notch medical treatment and a "comfortable and easy" experience can (and should!) co-exist

Dr. Hampton Vernon with patientDr. Hampton Vernon with patientVernon Pediatrics Office

Why Vernon Pediatrics?

Paperless Visits

All of our forms will be available for you to complete on your  phone or computer before your visit – No more balancing  (literally) a screaming baby with a clipboard full of questions.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule with us online, any day, any time. No hassles

Expanded Hours

We are one of the only offices in town open on Saturdays during cold & flu season. Kids don’t just get sick on weekdays!

True “Continuity of Care”

Just your child and Dr. Vernon, from the time they are born in the hospital until the time they graduate high school.

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